Clipping Path

Increase sales with images that stand out.

Clipping Path is a service that simply removes or cuts a background from an image. We deliver handmade Clipping paths using Photoshop Pen Tool to have the best output. Depending on the degree of complexity of the image to be clipped we set the pricing.

100% Hand-Drawn clip-out by pen tool

Removing the background of the photo

Color / Metal Multi Clipping Path

Slight retouching of product & Adding shadow

Putting the background on a white or colored background

Image Background Removal

What Is Background Removal Service?

Photo background removal is deleting all the unwanted objects from a photo and keeping the main subject in focus of the photo. The sole aim is to make the photo more attractive and eye-catchy.

Removing the background of the photo

Dust remove

Apply Retouching

Border fixing

Background color modify

Image Masking

Differentiate tiny details to perfection

Photoshop masking is the process of removing hair or fur from a product or model. Since hair strands are extremely thin, it is extremely difficult to separate them in an image. Detailed lengthy works and experienced editors are required to achieve such complex work. To get a perfect and professional hair masking result from any photo, our masking team has mastered all the best techniques.

Alpha channel

Layer Mask

White Background

Transparent Background

Object Masking

Photo Retouching

Enhance Your look, enhance your demand

The photo retouching process always makes the photos look more appealing to others. Whether it is a portrait or it is a photo of an object, good quality, and appealing photos can help you attract more viewers or customers.

Add HDR effect

Basic Light Correction

Red Eye effect removal

Blemish removal

All dust, acne remove

Color adjustment

Color Correction

Virtually all type of photo editing requires color correction.

We believe a well-color-adjusted photo can have a great impression on the viewer. want to outsource professional color correction services or portrait or Image color change services for your eCommerce business.

Color Correction For Model And Portrait Photography

Color Correction For E-Commerce Product Photos

Color Correcting Old Photos

Wedding Photos Color Correction

Jewelry Store color correction

Image Masking Service

Image Shadow Creation

Drop, Natural & Reflection

There are several ways to define a Photoshop drop shadow effect service. The drop shadow on Photoshop has a creative visual effect that consists of different drawing that looks similar to a shadow. This shadow shows the impression of an object that is behind the main object.

Adding shadow to photos

Natural look gaining

Reflection adding

File format changing (if need)

Dust remove from photo


Cost-effective way to promote your products

Neck Joint service is generally known as ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin service. To create the 2D and 3D shapes of various garment items like shirts, t-shirt, pants, jackets, cardigans, swimsuits, bras, panty, etc., plastic dolls or wooden dolls, etc., are used instead of the human figure.

Clipping path services can be categorized based on the procedures, complexity, target products, or item photos.

2D joint for example neck, garments joint

3D joint, for example, neck, shirt, t-shirt, etc. joint.

Scarf neck combination

Jewelry neck combination

Hoody-type joint, for example, hoody jacket, etc.


What We are Offering for Car Photo Retouching Service :

Clipping Path service provides car photo editing and enhancement services to dealers in the automotive industry. We help businesses to showcase their products in a way that compels customers to make a purchase. Whether you have a company of selling new or used cars or area repair and maintenance service provider, our image clipping and photo retouching service can help enhance your images, create a buyer-friendly experience, and eventually attract more buyers.

Car Photo Clipping/Background Change

Car Photo Retouching

Creation of shadows under the car

Photo of car recolour or improvement

Photo of car trimming / changing background


We offer various types of jewelry retouching services. They are as follows

A clipping mask service, we understand that with the macro photography of jewelry, you may not get impeccable images at all times. Certain parts of jewelry pieces may seem out of focus. At the same time, there may be a number of distracting elements in the image, which may seem unprofessional, especially since most jewelry photographs are inflated.

Elimination of dust and scratches

Brightness improvement

Background and mannequin removal

Stacking focus

Jewelry recoloration services