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Neck Joint service is generally known as ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin service. To create the 2D and 3D shape of various garment items like shirt, t-shirt, pant, jacket, cardigan, swimsuit, bra, panty, etc., plastic dolls or wooden dolls, etc. are used instead of the human figure.

Based on the procedures, complexity, target products or item photos clipping path services can be categorized like the following.

Normally photographers use their studios to shoot differently shaped ghost mannequins wearing these garment items in various angles depending on the products. Beside this separately they also shoot the inner part of the products. Photographers use wooden or plastic dolls instead of the real human body to minimize the cost.

Our designers use neck joint service/Ghost mannequin service to remove the doll from the images and join them together to show the garments in their proper sizes and shapes. They also remove the studio background to give the image more realistic looks and to make the image more beautiful. We do this work at very competitive prices.

Categories of Neck Joint Service

Ghost mannequin/invisible mannequin services may be classified in the following categories based on the work types and complexity:

  1. 2D joint for example neck, garments joint
  2. 3D joint for example neck, shirt, t-shirt, etc. joint.
  3. Scarf neck combination
  4. Jewelry neck combination
  5. Hoody type joint for example hoody jacket, etc.

How the work is done?

Mainly clipping path is used to separate the front and inner part of the product and background. Later they are joined and Photo retouching, contrast, sharpening, brightness, color correction, etc. are applied to make it more real.

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