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What is image masking?

The image masking service is one of the best value services for patients in the graphic design sector. When someone wants to remove the bottom of their intricate image containing a sizeable outer hair or any hair, you must apply the masking techniques of Photoshop. The masking techniques are very sensitive to obtain a high-quality result. There are different types of masking. Different types of images need different types of masking. No one can ignore the photo masking service if your image contains blurry edges, as well as the hair option.

Image masking is a process of removing background from an image. It also corrects the distorted area of ​​a photo. Image masking is used to confirm that the shape of the photo has not been touched. Photoshop masking is similar to the clipping path. Originally, the clipping path helps to remove the background of an image, but image masking removes the background along with the exact shape and details of an image. Image masking is a process of Photoshop software as graphics to hide some parts of an image and express some parts. Most times it allows you to adjust and adjust the mask later if necessary. Image masking is an efficient and more creative form of image manipulation services.

Types of image masking:

The types of image masking are described below.

Layer Masks:

Layer masks are a basic tool in the manipulation of images. It allows you to buy the selection, modify the opacity (transparency) of the layer to which it belongs. This differs from the use of the layer opacity slider since a mask has the facility to select the modification of the opacity of several areas in a layer.


Clipping Mask Service:

In clipping mask is a group of layers to which a mask is applied. The lowest layer, or base layer, defines the visible limits of the entire group. As an example, I suppose you have a shape in the base layer, a photograph in the layer above it and text in the top layer. If photography and text are manifested only through the shape defined in the base layer, they also take the opacity of the base layer.

The importance of the image masking service:

When your images contain blurry edges or a lower opacity on the outside, such as hair or any fur, it is difficult to obtain a perfect result. But if one has the right knowledge and skill in all kinds of photographic evidence, he can easily obtain a perfect result. Clipping Mask Service always cares about providing a reliable and amazing photo masking service at a reasonable price. We always apply manual processes instead of non-professional processes. Forgetting the professional and error-free image masking service to create a transparency fund, we follow updated techniques and tools.

When it comes to a transparent background issue of an image containing flying hair or other skin, Clipping Mask Service may be your best solution. After applying our masking techniques, you can use your images in any type of background. All our services are natural and manual. We are providing the following masking service for different images based on your images:


(i) Photo layer masking service.

(ii) Channel masking service.

(iii) Alpha Photo Masking Service.

(iv) Refined Edge Masking Service.

(v) Masking service of translucent or transparent objects.

(vi) All types of Color Masking Service.

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