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Welcome To Clipping Mask Service(CMS)

Clipping Mask Service(CMS) is an online based Outsourcing Photo Editing Studio.

Our primary production department located in operation with highly skilled artists and retouchers.

Clipping Mask Service(CMS) can offer any photo editing services at a low cost and giving you guarantee with a better quality of work. We are providing any types of photo editing services like clipping path, multi clipping path, background removal, shadow creation, image masking, photo retouching/image editing, Restoration and Raster to vector and also all other photo editing works.

We are Clipping Mask Service(CMS) about 50+ full time highly skilled photo editing professionals are working here for the last five years. Each person experienced in each service. Someone is on the field on the Clipping path, and someone is image masking, and others are on other creative services.

Clipping Mask Service(CMS) provides customer service 24hours a day and seven days a week.

We have a customer service operator who is working in 3 shifts to continue the work on 24 hours a day, and our customers get to update their work via email on time.

We have high-speed optical fiber ethernet connection for communicating with all customers and also full-featured own server to transfer big size files within a short time.

Clipping Mask Service(CMS) is Online based company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our production department and management department are in the same office customer service department in their also all department working place is identical for that reason all the members can synchronize the work with each other easily, and you will get notified on time.

Clipping Mask Service(CMS) is about making your business day more comfortable, and getting you the best results so you too can feel proud. You can try with us, and we’re better than others with our quality services and dedicated team.

The Clipping Mask Service (CMS) has a rich history of the highly energetic workforce and the perfect integration of the best technology to provide impeccable service. With an international client base that extends to all parts of the world, we have worked to demonstrate that quality and dedication translate into creativity.


We provide professional image editing services for online Photoshop in Asia. We specialized in the processing of bulk images (post-production of images). All the editing and retouching of images is done 100% by hand in Adobe Photoshop.

We have years of experience to provide a fast service of e-commerce image editing from the formation of this company. Our regular customers are well-known owners of e-commerce sites around the world. We offer a very professional service at an affordable price. A great team of designers works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make your images look professional with a successful implementation of your valuable technical expertise.


We are a highly recognized organization offering a wide range of clipping mask services, fund removal service, photo retouching service, sincere engraving service, color correction service, image color change service, service e-commerce photo editing, photo retouching service, and Graphic Design Etc. Our customers for our fair service policy always appreciate our services. During the provision of these services, customer satisfaction is the primary concern of the clipping mask service.


Meeting tomorrow’s image editing challenges will require more of the same dedication that has made us a leader in the image editing industry. After the establishment, Clipping Mask became an image editing company that operates worldwide. From the beginning innovation in image processing and quality clipping mask service. Our business and broad portfolio have a much longer history. We struggle a lot to become a famous brand of “clipping mask service.”


We start as a small local company since Clipping Mask Service (CMS) offers a list of services, ranging from hand drawn clipping path to white background. We employ more than 50 experts in image editing and operate in three countries. We believe in the training and employment of the people who need it most, and in providing a positive work environment for our entire team. We allow our clients to grow their businesses by providing affordable, high-quality image editing services.

ABOUT Clipping Mask Service (CMS)

Clipping Mask service is the pioneer company of the Photoshop service provider Clipping Path, which believes excellent quality, support, service and professionally edited images for customers around the world for their equipment — experienced and trained.

We believe in serving our customers and serving the globe. Fast, high-quality, professionally edited images at affordable prices, plus a commitment to making the world a better place — that’s what makes us Clipping Mask Service.


For the globalization of the Internet and the web-based, it has become so close to reaching Door to Door to provide all kinds of support and service. Clipping Mask is a company of the service provider of web and Internet image editing that offers all types of image processing. If you are familiar with this, you will be familiar with services such as Photoshop clipping, Photo retouching, Image masking, Color correction, Photo restoration, and Logo design, Frame 2 vector work, Image editing and other creative design solutions.


The founder of Clipping Mask service is an innovative person who has retired from the Institute of Graphic Arts and has acquired skills and experience working in most of Biggest Graphic House & Company in Bangladesh and India. After gathering a vast knowledge about graphic arts, he established Clipping Solution intending to reach the zenith. Now the production departments and the customer service department start under your supervision. The majority of Clipping Solutions employees are students of the Graphic Arts Institute of Bangladesh. Therefore, if you want an excellent and quality service, you can choose this organization.


Clipping Mask service is a subcontracting company based in Bangladesh. It has a large number of design or subcontracting companies, but most of them are not standard, but Clipping Mask is an approved service provider. You will understand the difference between good and bad if you judge the quality of our customer service facilities and the excellent treatment of imaging solutions. We are proud of Clipping Mask, which relies on providing unique and fast customer service that can truly be appreciated. We are just one of those who have started this intensive program to provide all kinds of image editing services at a logical price that is low and standard.

CMS is one of the largest offshore outsourcing companies in Asia that has made the world so small that you can think of us as your backup partner or your internal employee. Because we are not that far away, call (+88017138646) or send us an email ([email protected]) and get instant feedback as your employee does. We never stop providing direct input because we are decorated with professional customer service teams and only provide production facilities 24/7/365.


Clipping Mask Service (CMS), is a professional provider of image editing and graphic design services located in Southeast Asia. Our company has more than 400 photo manipulation artists (PMA) that work in 3 different shifts, 24 hours a day. We provide quality image editing services to meet professional standards around the world.


Clipping Mask is one of the best quality clipping service provider in Bangladesh. We have a highly qualified team that are experts in their professional areas. Therefore, we are fully capable of providing all kinds of image processing services throughout the world.

Our services range from the necessary trimming to expert design for an attractive visual product that is on par with excellence. The following are our most valued services:

  • Clipping Path
  • Multi Clipping Path
  • Image Masking
  • Shadow Service
  • Image Retouching Service
  • Neck Join
  • Photo Editing Service
  • Color Correction Service
  • E-commerce Image Beautification
  • Image Manipulation Service
  • Wedding Photo Retouch
  • Jewelry retouching
  • Car enhancement service


Soft and digital file transfer system between us and anywhere in the world through a secure Internet connection.

Live online production and support

Mounting support 24/7 all year round.

Precise delivery time

Excellent professional quality and the best class.

Frugal price.

Provide round graphic design service.



Here, at Clipping Mask Service (CMS), we are working tirelessly to fulfill our mission of providing quality image editing and design services to clients around the world.

  • Fast customer service.
  • Maintain sustainable development.
  • Follow potential commercial principles
  • Provision of complete quality services with the latest technology.
  • Provide skilled and qualified human resources
  • to maintain corporate community responsibility

Our mission of Overnight Graphics is to continually provide the highest eminence of production for our customers, and act quickly and innovatively for your wishes. Focusing on these simple goals is the key to our continued expansion and success, and it is the foundation of our relationships with customers.



Clipping Mask Service (CMS) has the vision to establish a new creative standard for image editing and design services. We work with a highly qualified, professional, and highly creative team to ensure that our vision is clear to our clients. We also offer a full range of complete products and services of the highest quality. Our vision is changing the world of image editing with innovative thinking and extensive work experience and experience in the clipping path sector. We want to continuously provide the best clipping path services to each of our clients. We value, encourage, and implement innovative ideas for the quality of image editing. We are very sensitive to the needs of our customers and respond quickly.

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We are Clipping Mask Service(CMS) take your order with high priority and ensure that whole work is done with dedication regardless of the size of the project or its costs. The following are a brief overview of all our services.



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I am a fan of your work. Your designs are simple, target oriented and meaningful. Looking forward to work with you on another logo design job. Cheers!!
Marketing Consultant
My company has been working with Clipping Mask Service(CMS) for last two years and I am really happy with their clipping services. I always deal with quality service and Clipping Mask Service(CMS)team is something I can rely on.
Professional Photographer
You guys are dependable!! All these images within such short turnaround time are really impressive!! I will have more jobs for you soon.
E-commerce website content provider


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