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Clipping Mask Service always give priority to all clients. So,  we can provide 100% Quality Assurance for any Editing Services.

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CMS has a team with 50 Editing Experts! So CMS team able to processing 1000 image per day!

Our Services

Clipping Path Service

Photoshop Clipping path is mainly used to remove the background from an image. It is usually done by Adobe Photoshop Pen tool through a lot of other tools that can be used to do this work.read more

Image Masking Service

Photo masking is an excellent way to remove background from soft edges of images like human hair, furry clothes, doll etc. Sometimes masking technique is applied in combination.read more

Photo Retouching Sservice

Photo retouching service is used mainly for removing spots or blemishes from images and more advanced colour correction work. It is very much essential to enhance.read more

Neck Joint / Ghost Mannequin Service

This service is generally known as ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin service. To create the 2D and 3D shape of various garment items like a shirt, t-shirt, pant, jacket.read more

Color Correction Service

Colour Correction is significant Photoshop image editing to make a creative look by applying appropriate colour into desired areas of the image. This service is used.read more


Most of the car images need retouching service. Because while you take your photos with your camera then photos can have some spots, any unwanted objects or any problem…read more

Shadow Creation Service

Photoshop shadow service is essential In image manipulation services. Sometimes the quality of the image can be made more attractive to the customer by adding shadow.read more


Jewelry Photo Retouching Services Company offers a wide range of services for retouching things, dispensing with image blemishes, changing image size and scaled light.read more

Our Company

Our mission is to provide you with a variety of services customised to your needs. We strive to make sure you are happy with our photo editing services. And everything is within your target.

Our vision is our guides every aspect of our photo editing services by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality clipping path services provider world-wide.

We are Clipping Mask Service (CMS) act with urgency and remain responsive to change. Remain constructively discontent with Work efficiently.

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Our Skill Metrix

We are Clipping Mask Service (CMS) take your order with high priority and ensure that whole work is done with dedication regardless of the size of the project or its costs. The following are a brief overview of all our services.


Our Portfolio

Here are some of our latest works; BACKGROUND REMOVAL, CLIPPING PATH, EDITING & DESIGN images! Have a look below-


What Clients Said

Let’s see what our clients say about us, and you can also provide your valuable feedback after using our remarkable services. Your input is important to us. You can write to us via email and will publish it ASAP.

I am a fan of your work. Your designs are simple, target oriented and meaningful. Looking forward to work with you on another logo design job. Cheers!!
Marketing Consultant
My company has been working with Clipping Mask Servicefor last two years and I am really happy with their clipping services. I always deal with quality service and Clipping Mask Service team is something I can rely on.
Professional Photographer
You guys are dependable!! All these images within such short turnaround time are really impressive!! I will have more jobs for you soon.
E-commerce website content provider


CMS (Clipping Mask Service) will request our clients to submit FREE TRIAL before making an order to us and get two or four images done to get an idea about our quality and the service we will provide you for your satisfaction. FREE TRIAL is very indispensable for the new client, and once you confirm our quality & services, you can make an order to us. Without receiving free trial images done, you may lose a lot of your valuable time sending pictures and not getting the quality service you are looking for.

  • Our Main Goal is to Enhance Perfection in Photo-Post Production.
  • We kindly appreciate you to send us your Test images.
  •  It saves your time, and it’s free and always will be.
  • We don’t charge you for this service go ahead and Submit FREE TRIAL.

Welcome to Clipping Mask Service (CMS)

Clipping Mask Service (CMS) is an Internet-based outsourcing company. Its primary production department is located in Bangladesh (the Asia area). Due to its geographical location, the cost of workers is lower than anywhere else in the world that is why Clipping Mask Service can offer low-cost work and offers guarantees with product quality. We provide all kinds of graphics editing services such as image masking, background removal, retouching/image editing, clipping path, multiple clipping paths, shadow creation and another related image editing with the professional image editor. More than 50 highly qualified graphic design professionals work full time in recent years. Each person has experience in each subject as if someone were in the field on the path of trimming, and someone is masking the image and others in other services. Clipping Mask Service provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have a customer service operator who is working in 3 shifts to continue the work 24 hours a day. We have a high-speed fibre optic internet connection to communicate with customers and a complete web server.  In the Bangladeshi office, the production department and the administration department are in the same customer service department of the office, and the workplace of all departments is the same so that all members can synchronise Work between them easily. Clipping Mask Service (CMS) is about making your workday more comfortable and getting the best results so that you too feel proud.

We have an appearance in different time zones. We are experts in providing our services for any location, and any country means anywhere in the world if you are our superior client. We supply our service to several companies in Canada, USA.  Scandinavia and Bangladesh, etc. We are always especially to use the latest technology and the updated version of the graphics application software.

Clipping Mask Service (CMS) is a leading outsourcing and graphics company abroad that operates with highly trained retouchers. Our goal is to meet the specific requirements of our clients with our design talent and an extensive collection of software provided by Adobe Creative Suite. More specifically, we take care of your needs for image editing work through all the integrated services of manipulation and composition of photos. Clipping Mask Service (CMS) is a concern of [AG] that is based in the United Kingdom with the production facility of two branches in Bangladesh and continues to grow. We have been providing all kinds of image editing and processing services, and our related services meet even the most demanding requirements of our digital imaging solutions partners. Our service offer includes Photoshop clipping path, background removal/background knockouts, object removal, Photoshop image mask, photo retouching, shadows creation, colour adjustment, image manipulation, vector conversion from bitmap to any other creative image processing service More.

Clipping Mask Service (CMS), also specialising in image processing services and other DTP services for photographers, studios and e-commerce businesses.  All of our image editings is done 100% by hand in Photoshop software. Clipping Mask Service (CMS) started in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, but as demand increased, it became clear that we needed to grow both in size and in geography.


We are professionals in improving images, but we also have the mission to make the world a better place. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we are dedicated to preserving human rights, ethical labour practices, and our environment.

We know the need for car image editing service in recent times and what kind of photo will handle your business with greater precision. Throughout the years, we have gained a reputation as a specialised photo-editing company and care about customer satisfaction. Car dealers and dealers are always looking for reliable car photo editors.

Sometimes it is difficult for them to find the perfect company for the vehicle image editing service. While searching the web in some way, they accumulated in photo editing applications of a car and did not suit them at all. We can assure you that our photo editing quality is up to the task, and our team will complete the project within your time limit.

We serve our clients with professional knowledge and experience. Understanding the customer’s need and providing the best quality service is our main motto. Our graphic design team has self-respect that will never compromise with the quality of photo editing and will serve customers in a modern way.

 At Clipping Mask Service (CMS), we are dedicated to/ Why We Are Different from Others/Why should you like to choose us?

There are thousands of companies available online. So what is your opinion? Where should you put your money? I think its a thousand dollar question. We can assure you that our company is very professional and we are giving a hundred per cent of priorities to our clients.

Fast service: Editing hundreds, even thousands, of photos requires many hours of extreme focus. Spending all that time editing photos, while juggling a million other things, can be awkward, especially with imminent deadlines. We will send you a quote in 45 minutes or less, and we can deliver your edited images in just 6 hours.

Affordable prices: With prices starting at only $0.49/ image, it is hard to beat an affordable company like us. Our prices are always reasonable and fair, and our goal is to be as transparent as possible with each quote. With payment for use or corporate monthly billing, there is a payment option that will work for you.

High-quality images: There is a reason why we score 9.4 / 10 on customer satisfaction. It is because we deliver high-quality images that we edit by hand. The “excellent value”, the “perfect result” and the “quality exceeded my expectations” are just some of how our clients have described their experiences.

Safe & Secure: Clipping Mask is very aware of security. We protect the information in the route that goes from your computer, smartphone or tablet to our server. We encrypt data securely (TLS) and, therefore, comply with the highest standards of online security. We also use a secure file transfer gateway since your images are precious. We have dedicated servers (FTP) to receive and send your pictures. Our website is also protected with https (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol), and there is no possibility to access your images or data by third parties.

Customer service: A dedicated team of experts is on call, ready to help you instantly. We firmly believe that “Our success is yours”. Our friendly customer service team is prepared to solve your queries by email, SMS, Skype, and phone when you need it, 24x7x365. We also support multilingual customer support. Of course, you can ask at any time about your images.

Location facilities: our production team from Bangladesh, US marketing team. Italy and New Zealand are always ready to welcome you with a minimum of knowledge. They are still perfect for making a great image editing experience. We are always available in your time zone; you can also set a preferable time to make a schedule with us.

Expert in professional Photoshop: for the professional vision of your photos, our experts in Photoshop work in hours of 24 × 7. The experts in the trimming of our company are famous for drawing the contour, removing the background, shaping the edges and making a deep engraving to change the environment. To give you the uniform look of your images, we are here to serve you with precision, which always means a hand-cut service in Photoshop’s pencil tool.

Free trial: to make sure we are the best friend to increase your online business with our professional Photoshop experts. You are always welcome for a free trial because we believe it will help customers justify our quality.

Instant quote: we are always ready to provide your quotes instantly. We send price quotes within 15 minutes. So never, queue up with your project, as we get the fastest photo-clipping path service.

Latest technology: we use the newest technology for the image editing service; our expert designers are using the updated version of Adobe Photoshop, high configuration computer, fast Internet facilities to keep them updated with the latest world.

  • Easy payment system: We accept a secure and uncomplicated payment break such as PayPal, VISA, Master Card, etc.
  • Internet: high-speed internet connection;
  • Exchange service: three-shift service system;
  • Upload/download: an easy system for uploading and downloading images (FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Wetransfer);
  • Payment system: monthly, weekly and project-based payment system;
  • Bulk order: we can process more than 2500 images every day.
  • Discount: We offer a refund for your bulk volume images.
  • Quality assurance: quality is a crucial issue in this document, and our majority of clients say that they are satisfied with our quality.
  • File transfer: we use Premium Dropbox and FTP for the safe removal of files. As an alternative, you can also use WeTransfer or Google Drive.
  • Visit the production plant: we are always welcome to our customers who wish to visit our production house, just let us know and we will organise your tour.
  • TAT: Quick response time;

Clipping Mask always wants to obtain the advantages that we offer below:

We do not have holidays, which means we are available on Sundays, Christmas Day or any festival day.

I believe that through these criteria, you can quickly identify how professional we are. We like to serve our client in a modern and effective way. Our expert graphic designers will provide you with any vehicle image editing services, such as photo editing of cars, elimination of funds, shadows creation, editing of aircraft photographs, jewellery-retouching, edition of helicopter photographs, editing of photos of motorcycles and almost anything. We work in this field for nearly three years, and we are very good at the photo editing service.

What Use Our Clients